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At SX-Storage we provide low cost, easily accessible and secure Self Storage solutions for both domestic and business use in the Essex Area.

Your satisfaction is our priority!

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Essex Secure Interior Units

Secure Self Storage Units which are guaranteed to be kept clean and dry, with 24 Hour CCTV, alarmed premises in Benfleet and the peace of mind that only you can access your storage.

Fair Pricing

Our storage units range from 40 to 160 sq.ft. If we don't have a unit sized to your needs, we will give you our next size up - for the same price!

Commitment Issues?

You can store at our Essex lockups by the week, month, year, or for as long as you require. We only ask for seven days notice when you want to leave.

Essex Self Store

Self storage is a Do-It-Yourself storage service, for both business and domestic items.

Use our Benfleet Self-Store facilities for clearing out the loft, holding furniture and items while you move properties, or simply if you've run out of room at home. Self storage is flexible so you can store for as little or often as you like,and only you hold the key to your own rented clean and dry storage unit.

External Storage

At SX Storage we offer external storage within our secure compound for larger items such as cars, caravans, mobile homes and even containers.

    How it Works

  1. Tell us what you need to store.

  2. We will help you calculate out how much space you need.

  3. Reserve your space with us.

  4. Pack your things. (We sell packaging materials too!)

  5. Check in with us and we'll show you your lock-up unit.

  6. Unload in to your storage space.

  7. Flat bed trolleys and pallet trucks are available for use,
    as well as a forklift operated by our trained staff.

  8. Just lock up your space and take away the key.

  9. You can access your storage unit as often as you like, and only you hold the key to your unit.


Need Business Storage or have Excess Stock? Office cluttered with un-used furniture? Solution: Self-Storage with SX-Storage. Our storage is the perfect solution for most businesses. Our Essex storage units are secure and convenient allowing your business to use your office/workshop space more effectively.

Why Use Our Storage For Your Business?

Money - Per square foot, our storage space is drastically cheaper than increasing your office size. The money saved by your business here could be used far more effectively to expand your business, or purchase new equipment.

Organisation - Why search through all your stock, or boxes of files to find an item or document? Remove the unnecessary clutter of excess stock from your premises, allowing you to quickly find items currently used by your business.

Security - Under lock and key, alarmed premises, 24/7 CCTV. Protect your company's assets from theft and damage. We've all seen those 'have you had an accident at work' adverts on television – “I tripped over a box that shouldn't have been there” -- avoid this by storing your clutter off-site with SX Storage. Protect your company and employees from personal injury.


Here at SX Storage, we love hearing the words "Cheap", "Discount" and "Special Offer".
We understand you want the best possible prices, and a deal with real value; that's why we constantly review our prices -- to make sure we're giving you the best deal!

Our internal storage deals range from just £69.57 per month to £250.00, and are priced per square foot.

Call us on 01268 752298 for an instant, personalised quote.

Or drop us an email info@sx-storage.co.uk


Any questions you might have about our business or domestic self-storage options, can likely be answered in this FAQ.

Anything you're unsure of, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Packaging Materials & Consumables

Whether you're packing for long or short term storage, you'll want to make sure that all your possessions are packed/wrapped safely and securely. That is why we choose to sell boxes and packaging materials to our customers at discounted rates.

Item Details Net Price VAT Gross Price
Square Box 432 x 432 x 432 mm £ 2.17 £ 0.43 £ 2.60
Medium Box 450 x 370 x 440 mm £ 2.50 £ 0.50 £ 3.00
Tall Box 432 x 432 x 660 mm £ 3.00 £ 0.60 £ 3.60
Combination Padlocks £ 2.50 £ 0.50 £ 3.00
Packing Tape per roll £ 1.54 £ 0.31 £ 1.85
"Fragile" Tape per roll £ 1.75 £ 0.35 £ 2.10
Marker Pens each £ 0.42 £ 0.08 £ 0.50
Bubble Wrap (small 600mm) per 5 metres £ 1.25 £ 0.25 £ 1.50
Bubble Wrap (large 1200mm) per 5 metres £ 1.67 £ 0.36 £ 2.00
Cling Film per 5 metres £ 1.08 £ 0.22 £ 1.30
Cotton Dust Sheets 12' x 9' £ 5.42 £ 1.08 £ 6.50
Rayon Dust Sheets 11' x 9' £ 4.58 £ 0.92 £ 5.50
Poly Sheet (roll) 4m wide per metre £ 1.75 £ 0.35 £ 2.10